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It's the UK; late September, and clear skies. You've no overhead cover, your training says: hide in shade from a building rather than direct sunlight.

For your copy ow. In he contacted West Riding Battery to ask them to t … ake possession of his war diaries after his death. Prior to this he had ensured his former comrades who passed away were buried with military honours, being the last surviving member he wished for the same honour himself.

Well done to everyone in the Regiment for donating and to Warrant Officer Nicky Cullwick who made it all happen. Celebrating historical occasions is an essential part of military life. Each of our sub units has a Birthday. Our Elswick Battery celebrate theirs on the last weekend in January.

As we head into Christmas and approach the end of we take a look back at some of the training and events that we have taken part in. Visit army.

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Vote for your favourite image syou can choose more than one. The competition closes at midday on 20 December Congratulations to Regimental Headquarters who despite some excellent competition won the Regimental Christmas cake competition with their take on the Angel of The North. A worthy winner, well done to Warrant Officer Di Hillary who produced the goods.

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101 regiment ra

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