How to treat pregnancy pigmentation

D'autres facteurs impliqués dans étiopathogénie du mélasma sont photosensibilisants médicaments, produits cosmétiques doux de l'ovaire ou de hypothyroïdie, et certain.

Other factors involved in etiopathogenesis of melasma are photosensitizing medications or thyroid dysfunction mild ovarian and certain cosmetics. Le masque Amelan est très efficace pour traiter le mélasmaégalement appelé masque de grossesse. The Amelan mask is very effective in treating melasmaalso known as a "pregnancy mask". The "pregnancy mask", or melasmacan leave brown marks on the upper lip; a brightening peel, such as Amelan or TCA, can lighten this and even erase it altogether.

Peeling d'Urucum est une création de la Méthode Kacowicz, spécialement préparée pour le traitement de taches de mélanine de la peau, comme le mélasma. Peeling de Urucum or Bleach-Pulse Urucum is a creation of the Kacowicz Method, especially prepared for the treatment of stains of melanin on the skin, as the melasma.

Il est possible aujourd'hui grâce au laser ou à la lampe flash de traiter avec succès toutes les taches d'origine solaire, pigmentaire et certaines taches hormonales mélasma ou chloasmaainsi que les troubles liés au vieillissement de la peau.

Traduction de "mélasma" en anglais

With laser or flash lamp treatment it is now possible to treat successfully all the various blemishes of solar, pigmentary, and hormonal origin melasma or chloasma. Problems due to ageing of the skin can also be treated. Dermamed Guatemala - Guatemala dermatologues: Clinique de dermatologie au Guatemala: l'acné, mélasma taches sur le visagele psoriasis, la dermatite atopique, les verrues, perte Dermamed Guatemala - Guatemala dermatologists: Dermatology clinic in Guatemala: acne, melasma patches on the facepsoriasis, atopic dermatitis, warts, hair loss, contact dermatitis, Peeling pour les taches du visage, changement de la pigmentation comme le Mélasma et le Cloasma.

It is a peeling for face spots, alterations of the pigmentation as the melasma and the cloasma. Le laser Fraxel est aussi utilisé pour le retrait de fibromes, verrues, kératoses, kératoses séborrhéiques, condylomes, bichromie cutanée, mélasma et cicatrices. The body is marked by different spots of irregular shapes and colours. Moreover, no matter your age, whether you have a pale or dark complexion, you are not immune to skin hyperpigmentation.

Some spots may have been present since birth and others may appear over time due to various factors, such as exposure to the sun. Several causes are at the root of pigmentation spots or skin hyperpigmentation. Among theses causes, there are:.

It results from increased hormonal activity during pregnancy.


A particular sign: freckles tend to appear or darken after exposure to the sun. However, brown spots can appear as well as in the early thirties if the skin has not been protected adequately. This type of spot, which varies from light to dark brown, is rarely raised. They appear at birth, but they can also appear during the first year of life. This is why dermatologists refer to age inters of skin and not years.

Both men and women are equally susceptible to dark spots. How can I prevent dark spots? Because dark spots are caused by the sun, if you continue to stay in the sun without protection, you will develop new spots and your current spots will become darker.

It is therefore crucial that you protect yourself from the sun: apply sunscreen often, wear a hat and long clothes, and avoid being in the sun from 10 a. It is also important for your health.

When a dark spot appears, if it has an irregular border, is asymmetrical and varies in color, see a doctor right away; it could be melanoma skin cancer.

How to treat pregnancy pigmentation

How can I make dark spots disappear? The appearance of dark spots is irreversible. They can be slightly minimized; however, they will appear darker if you go out into the sun.

Thankfully, although it is impossible to make them completely disappear, you can make them paler. Laser or liquid nitrogen treatments work fairly well, but the spots can reappear even without exposure to the sun. These treatments also come with risks and disadvantages. Emu oil: a great solution for dark spots For an effective, natural solution to treat dark spots, try emu oil.

Like laser or liquid nitrogen treatments, emu oil makes dark spots appear lighter thanks to its desensitizing properties. However, unlike laser or liquid nitrogen treatments, emu oil does not entail any risks. A small drop on each spot, applied day and night, can render impressive results!