What does a botox injection do

Botox injections from Dr. Wooming offers several more botox treatment areas at his Dallas office. Fillers, or dermal fillers, are soft tissue fillers that add volume to your face without the cost and downtime of surgery. Filler treatments must also be repeated to maintain their effect.

Wooming also offers several treatment options for fillers at his Dallas location. Dermal fillers can be placed in the cheeks, chin, lips, nasal folds and the bridge of the nose. Fillers can also be applied to the earlobes for plumping and acne scars to make them less visible.

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Wooming offers Voluma and Belotero brand fillers. Some transient headache-type reactions have been described. Poorly injected by an untrained practitioner, botulinum toxin can then temporarily paralyze unwanted muscles in the face drooping eyelid, embarrassment to smile, eyebrows too high or too low ….

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What does a botox injection do

You will have the certainty with an expert who has received specific training. After 4 to 6 days, the effects of the toxin are visible: spontaneous smoothing of the upper half of the face. The forehead is smooth, loses its stern and sad character. At first, the effect of the injections decreases gradually after 4 months. By renewing the session without waiting too long, it is usual to obtain after 3 sessions results lasting 6 to 7 months or longer. There is no paralysis or muscular destruction that sets in but, quite often, we lose the habit of frowning in these areas.

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The botulinum toxin does not tend, it relaxes the skin.

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