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The Cosmic Ultimate was introduced 10 years ago and quickly became the wheel choice for pro racers seeking a competitive advantage. With a NACA-inspired 40mm deep, 25mm wide full-carbon tubular rim profile, 20 super-bladed spokes, and high, thin carbon hub flanges, it offers a clear and proven aero advantage.

These spokes run continuously from one edge of the rim to the other through the hubs R2R technology creating one single spoke instead of two. This eliminates the need to mechanically attach the spokes to the hub. The rear rim is asymmetrical to improve the drive-side bracing angle, so spoke tension is balanced and the wheel stays stiff under the heaviest lateral loads such as sprints or attacks. The rim is made of 12k carbon fibers wrapped over a super rigid foam core.

Full-carbon construction means the whole wheel is incredibly light at just g. Mavic's unique iTgMax technology delivers reliable and consistent braking performance in both wet and dry conditions. The system is delivered with Yksion Pro tubular tires, optimized for front and rear performance.

The front uses GripLink with a tread pattern that improves water evacuation when leaning through corners and the rear offers minimum rolling resistance with grooves that release pressure on the ground but deliver plenty of traction in the rain thanks to the water evacuation channel.

Campagnolo Bora Ultra 35 Clincher Wheelset - In order to answer the call from Nairo Quintana and the other champions, Campagnolo created the Bora Ultra perhaps the best wheel out there in terms of performance both while climbing and on mixed routes.

The Bora Ultra's innovative AC3 All Conditions Carbon Control Technology means maximum safety when braking in any condition, providing shorter stopping distances and excellent braking modulation.

And, thanks to its wide, aerodynamic profile, differentiated hub diameter, and CULT bearings, all cyclists can now enjoy the same performance Campagnolo provides its Pro-Tour champions. Campagnolo Bora Ultra 50 Clincher Wheelset. Innovating the wheel that for years has been a market benchmark might have seemed difficult and risky, but the Campy Tech Lab designers have managed to maintain those characteristics of flexibility and ease of handling that have made this high-profile wheel easy to steer, high performing and safe.

The Bora Ultra 50 bursts onto the market not only with introduction of the new tire bed dedicated to the clincher, but also with improvements to the previous version in terms of lightness, aerodynamics, stiffness and comfort thanks to use of the new wider rim and front and rear hubs with different diameters. The range sees the addition of the new AC3 All Conditions Carbon Control Comment reconnaitre le type de cellulite braking track, which brings braking safety on wet terrain closer to that on dry.

Plus, extremely clean-cut aesthetics guaranteed by innovative water-transfer graphics. All without giving up on the extreme smoothness, which has become the market benchmark and is the result of use of CULT bearings. Choose from either professional bike fit measurements, taking a photo to measure your bike, or enter body measurements so you are able to personalize the fit to mirror the exact geometry of your outdoor bike. A digital display clearly communicates both gearing and grade so you always know where you are during every stage of the ride.

We've created a complete training machine offering a ride experience that blurs the line between virtual and reality. Reality Shift replicates most major group sets to create the most personalized ride experience. From saddle height to crank length to reach, you can dial in the fit that provides optimal comfort and performance. Say goodbye to broken and failed connections and hello to a smooth indoor riding experience. Campagnolo Bora Ultra 35 Tubular Wheelset - Whether you're looking to take it to the limit on a climb or throw down in a sprint, Campagnolo's Bora One 35 wheelset is where it's at.

The 35mm deep-dish carbon rims and aero spokes are exactly what you need to slice through the wind and move to the head of the pack. They're also feathery light to give you a boost when the road turns uphill. And, the aluminum hubs house USB hybrid ceramic bearings for a zippy ride. Plus, the Boras come with Campy's legendary quick-releases, too. Who it's for Climbing specialists seeking a wheelset that inspires confidence regardless of terrain or weather conditions.

Why we made it To give you every advantage when riding through mountainous terrain and unpredictable weather conditions. As such, lightweight trumps drag reduction with the SES 2.

The SES 2. In terms of tire fitment, the SES 2. Because the SES 2. As such, the SES 2. Each SES 2. The combination of the new brake track and black brake pad compound delivers the ultimate in rim brake technology.

What It Is A climbing wheel with an aero advantage designed to be ridden in the mountains. Who it's for Road cyclists who require maximum versatility for riding in mountainous terrain and variable weather conditions. Why we made it Since the introduction of the original SES 3.

The SES 3.

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Equally at home in the mountains as in the valleys, the SES 3. The front rim is 38mm deep and shallower than the rear rim to aid in crosswind stability while rear rim is 42mm deep and therefore improves overall airflow. For riding in mountainous terrain where heavy braking is required, the SES 3. Who it's for Road cyclists and triathletes looking to minimize the trade-off between aerodynamics, lightweight, and stability.

Why we made it Because from the moment the first prototypes made the rounds at ENVE, it's been the house favorite. The SES 4. Additionally, the SES 4. Who It's For Experienced triathletes and road racers seeking maximum aero performance and stability.

Bike rides richmond va

The SES 7. By reducing the trade-offs between aerodynamics, stability, weight, and stiffness, the SES 7. The front rim is 71mm deep and 29mm wide, while the rear rims is 80mm deep and The dissimilar rim geometries improve the efficiency of the airflow in the system of bike frame and wheels.

Because running 25mm tires is now standard, the SES 7. Additionally, frame manufacturers are now producing frames that have more clearance between wheel and frame which has opened up the design scope for a wheelset. In addition to changes in shape and structure, the SES 7. Now, Zipp is pioneering the next generation of disc wheel, the Super-9 Disc-brake Disc. The Super-9 Disc itself, handmade at Zipp's factory in Indianapolis, USA, optimizes supreme aerodynamics, power transfer, stiffness, lightweight and durability.

The Super-9 disc has an unassuming profile. It borrows from the perimeter shape that makes the Sub-9 so fast it can actually generate forward lift, but in place of the Sub-9's toroidal bulge, the Super-9 remains flat from its widest point all the way to the hub.

This relatively simple-looking shape results in a wheel that's as fast as the Sub-9 but stiffer than any other Zipp disc.

Braking on modern time trial and triathlon bikes often has been a challenge. The superior performance of disc brakes changes all that with greater stopping power and more precise speed modulation, all with less hand effort than required by traditional brakes.

That means greater confidence in corners, descents, and on technical courses. The disc brake version of the Super-9 disc retains the light weight of its rim-brake counterparts. Equip yourself with the wheel that carried Tony Martin to a World Championship and reach the pinnacle of your own potential. With a variance in width of just a single centimeter from rim to hub, the Super-9 is almost invisible to the wind. Plus the wide rim creates a virtually seamless integration with the tire, increasing aerodynamics and allowing wider tires run at a lower pressure.

This diminishes rolling resistance, increases rider comfort, and reduces the chance of pinch flatting. The Bora One 50 disc brake is the perfect answer for cyclists wanting to leave their mark on routes with high-speed stretches. Its The result is a pair of carbon racing bike wheels that delivers incredible performance in terms of aerodynamics, stiffness, steering, and reactivity while maintaining the famous smoothness of the Bora.

The Bora One 50 disc brake was the first wheel tested by the pro riders on the Campagnolo teams together with the groupsets and it favorably impressed its testers Erviti, Greipel, and Berlato.

What It Is The G23 is the definition of a true gravel wheelset. At grams, ENVE's lightest c tubeless rim accelerates quickly and ascends with ease. Armed against pinch flats with the patent-pending Wide Hookless Bead, the G23 is tough and relentless on road, path, or trail.

The G23 is a c tubeless carbon clincher wheelset with a generous 23mm internal width, specifically conceived to meet the performance and ride quality demands of serious mixed-surface cyclists. You can handle a hour bike ride on flat terrain at a relaxed pace. Small, short hills are challenging to climb, but manageable.

Vous voulez essayer le vélo de montagne mais vous n'êtes pas sûr de vouloir partir toute la journée? Ce forfait est pour vous!

You want to try Mountain biking but not sure you want to ride all day? This ride is for you. Level 4 You can ride hours at a moderate pace with several short breaks, over a few days. You are capable of climbing up to vertical metres ft. La preuve qu'une journée est suffisante pour vous mettre un sourire au visage!

Découvrez des sentiers incroyables dans la région de Mt-Tremblant. Venez essayer les plus récent ajout "La Cachée" et "La Gorge". Un réseau de sentiers qui vaut le délacement! Discover amazing trails in Tremblant area. Come try our newest addition "La Cachée" and "La Gorge". A network of trails that worth the trip! Sentiers singletrack dans 3 des plus beaux réseaux de sentiers de la région, besoin d'en dire plus?

Sweet singletrack, hidden rivers, friendly riders and 3 different trail networks to discover! Level 3 You are capable of riding hours a day at a relaxed pace with several breaks.